“Dr. Amanda is a caring and experienced practitioner of Network Spinal Analysis. She brings to our sessions warmth and knowledge accompanied by an uncanny level of wisdom with the gentle touch of her hands. Experiencing her treatments has brought me a dramatic reduction of chronic pain and a greater sense of ease in my life.”
Diane V.

“At first I was quite skeptical about Network Spinal Analysis, as all I ever had with other chiropractors were the traditional jarring adjustments. These always helped but the effects were not lasting. After several months of working with Dr. Amanda, I have noticed the following:

-I feel younger, I have more energy, and I feel more alive
-I feel more confident, uplifted, and my outlook on life is more positive
-My shoulder is realigning and I am able to do many more activities, including push-ups which I have not been able to do for at least 2 years
-I have more flexibility in my spine, which is very obvious when I attend yoga classes”
Barry E.

“I have been hooked to an oxygen tank 24 hours a day for 5 years. After 2 months of care I now only have to wear the tank at night as a precaution and I believe we will completely eliminate the need for oxygen in the future. I feel physically stronger and have significantly less pain in my hip and groin.”
Ella M.W.

“I am astounded by the results I have gotten from Dr. Amanda’s Network Chiropractic care over the last 6 months. I was taking 600mg daily of anxiety medication for almost 10 years. I no longer take any medication and I am doing great! I did not ever consider this to be a possibility. My 20 years of chronic body pain has dropped to an all-time low and I got off taking pain medication too! My body is stronger and more relaxed. I have tried so many things with conventional and alternative medicine over the years, including traveling the globe visiting health care practitioners. Dr. Amanda’s work has produced the most results!”
Dave C.

“Prior to seeing Dr Amanda, I had the privilege of working with other, very gifted Network Doctors. Dr. Amanda stands out among all of them with the presence and dedication she brings to every single entrainment. Her commitment to her work and practice members’ well-being is unwavering.”
Dan D.

“I find Dr. Amanda Andersen to be a very gifted, intuitive, and capable healer. Dr. Amanda is very sensitive and wise beyond her years.”
Elizabeth R.

“I originally started care with Dr. Amanda due to unexplained back pain. I was having consistent, sporadic pain in different areas of my back. My sense was that the pain was related to a significant stressful life event at the time. Through working with Dr. Amanda, I have learned so much about how I hold stress in my body. I rarely experience back pain anymore and when I do, I’ve leaned to listen to the cues my body is sending me and this allows me to take better care of myself. Dr. Amanda has facilitated an awakening within me and she empowers me to face all parts of myself. My weekly visits are an essential part of my self-care. Dr. Amanda truly sees me and I feel taken care of!”
Sarah P.